Putting your needs first.* Prenant soin de vos besoins premier ment. *


Canadians have taken the back seat in world events for far too long. It's time for us to embrace our destiny, and ignite the fires on the mighty Canadian economy.

Once I eliminate all of the upper layers of buraucracy, I will institute economic reforms designed to stimulate the growth of jobs.

The elimination of overhead will proceed to the Armed Forces, the CSE, CSIS, national, provincial and local police forces. All of the aformentioned organizations will have their reporting structures streamlined, eliminating redundancies, and increasing information sharing. This will also provide many new opportunities to those employed in these organizations, as cross-training and knowledge sharing will occur.

By utilizing this strategy, all threats to the sovereignty of this great nation can be neutralized, both external and internal. It will take a great effort - but in the end - can you put a price on your well being and safety?





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