Captain Justice Productions
DUDE - you dropped off the face of the planet!
   Well - yes - I did. I got busy - working two jobs for a while - and had exactly zero time to play with the website. I thought that the worst thing that I could do was leave a decrepit site in place, and let it fester like so many others out there. So, I took it down with a splash page that suggested that I might get back to it - which was my intention. I just haven't found any time. That was, until I started getting nasty-grams in my e-mail.
So - are you going to UPDATE it?
   Soon - Very Soon.
But the RANTS were the best!
   I still have them archived. Should I resurrect the site - I'll put them up. Or at least the best ones. Some of them are rather inane, in retrospect.
What about the HUMMER project?
   After my run-in with the lawyers from MasterCard, I'm not sure that I want to push my luck. Be that as it may, no one has stepped up to the plate to fill the void it left.
What is it that you do that you're so damn BUSY?

   I do IT stuff: Intrusion Detection Systems, Penetration Testing, Public Key Infrastructure, Smart Cards, Active Directory, IT security, and all that sexy jazz.

   I do Project Management stuff: Scope, Risk mitigation, Resource management, and producing deliverables. I leverage some serious synergy.

   I do House stuff: Drywalling the garage, punching down the cabling for the home network, building a deck and fence. It's the all-singing, all-dancing big budget Captain Justice extravaganza.