Putting your needs first.* Prenant soin de vos besoins premier ment. *

Tim "Captain Justice" Hergert
First Sovereign Emperor of Canada
One of the most common things that upsets the people is a government that lacks accountability. With one person in complete and total dictatorial control - there is no doubt whatsoever as to who is responsible.
Legacy Lutz
Minister of Public Relations
'Nuff said.

Party Hearty Marty
Minister of Beer and Beer Related Products
You want to tell him that he can't be the minister of beer and beer related products?

Didn't think so.

Kevin "Knowmad" Charles
Captain of the Imperial Guard
Compliance = Safety*

*Putting your security needs first.
Minister of Corn and Corn Related Products
With the amount of experience that Scotty has with the auspices of the Corn Report, one can hardly dispute his expertise, nor his dedication to the fine art of story-telling.
Loubie Driggers
Grand Director of Penguins and Daemons
Adopting a strategy with regards to penguins early in the administration is key, as it is all fun and games until the man eating pengiuins get hungry.


This has been a Captain Justice Production


*After a few small housekeeping items are taken care of. *Après quelques petites choses sont règle